Photo Album 2018


On 21 MAR 2018, Captain Mel Roman visits with officers in different places throughout the 018th district to offer them ice cream sundaes -- custom made by the captain and two of his lieutenants right in the back of their Chicago Police SUV. They certainly put a lot of smiles on faces of our troops during their ice cream rounds on various days/nights.

CPD Officers David DeLeon and Jason Fong pose for a picture when Chaplains Bob Montelongo and Fr. Dan Brandt bump into them on the street in the 011th District. Thank you, David and Jason, for making the west side a better place for residents to call home.

Rest In Peace, Commander Paul Bauer. You are a true Chicago hero. We love you.
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08 JAN 2018 Chaplains Joe Jackson, Bob Montelongo, Kimberly Lewis-Davis and Fr. Dan Brandt congratulate new department Chaplain Hysni Selenica following his swearing-in ceremony at police headquarters. Welcome aboard, Hysni!
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